The transfer of assets to family members, or other beneficiaries, at death has become increasingly complex. Likewise, lifetime gifts have estate and gift tax consequences. Even the appointment of someone to step in and handle financial matters in the event of incapacity should involve an overall legal analysis of your needs. Also, effectively expressing your wishes as to end of life and other medical care through a "living will" should be addressed in estate planning.

Lytle Soulé & Felty attorneys have experience in the above listed areas of practice, including the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other related documents. We also provide expertise in the administration of probate, trust, guardianship and conservator estates of all sizes and types, including proceedings to transfer oil and gas interests. Our attorneys have the experience and competence to evaluate issues arising in contested matters arising between family members and others in the course of transferring assets.

Our firm members take pride in providing accurate, objective and pragmatic advice in the handling of the above described routine and contested matters in a cost efficient and timely manner.