Lytle Soulé & Felty routinely represents sophisticated manufacturers and sellers of products from around the world in Oklahoma litigation, as well as in neighboring states. Our litigators have effectively and efficiently resolved numerous complex cases for clients in multiple and diverse industries, including automobile manufacturing, marine equipment manufacturing, recreational equipment manufacturing, material handling system manufacturing and operation and consumer goods manufacturing. Other long-term clients we have successfully represented include those involved in oil and gas exploration, transportation and trucking operations, industrial cleaning and facility services, construction equipment management and leasing, as well as clients involved in asbestos and other toxic material tort actions.

We have advanced experience in the types of technical and scientific issues that regularly arise in complex manufacturers product liability cases. Our lawyers include those with technical and engineering training and admission to practice before the United States Patent Office. Our experience allows us to identify key issues such as OSHA regulations and safety standards applicable to each industry.

Lytle Soulé & Felty understands the changing dynamics of product liability claims in the context of work force employment. In light of recent Oklahoma Supreme Court holdings carving out exceptions to the workers' compensation exclusive remedy, many employers now find themselves named defendants with product manufacturers in civil actions. From our extensive experience with these issues, we help clients navigate through the increasingly complex product liability case law in Oklahoma. Choice of law issues are also increasingly arising in claims dealing with products manufactured and designed in different states and countries.

With attorneys licensed in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, we have the comparative law experience necessary to fully evaluate these and other issues.