At Lytle Soulé & Felty, our commercial law group is well versed in all areas of commercial law, including the Uniform Commercial Code and state and federal consumer protection laws. Our clients include individuals, public and private corporations of all sizes, partnerships and other forms of limited liability business organizations, and private and public foundations, though we have a penchant for the small Oklahoma business.

In addition to complex commercial litigation services, we provide our clients with workable solutions in every stage of business development.

We can help you:

  • choose and organize your business entity
  • establish and manage corporate governance policies
  • obtain initial start-up capital and ongoing financing from banks, insurance companies, and other asset-based lenders
  • address your company's insurance concerns
  • prepare and establish agreements among shareholders, members and partners
  • draft employment agreements
  • plan for the many legal pitfalls you may face while implementing your business strategy
  • review and negotiate leases and franchise, marketing, sales, and non-competition agreements
  • prepare confidentiality and other commercial agreements
  • manage shareholder, member and partner relations in small business entities
  • manage and negotiate ongoing contractual relations
  • handle government and regulatory issues in business
  • provide day-to-day advice on general business matters

Like you, we fully understand the importance of minimizing unneeded cost and expense, especially for the individual and small business. So we pride ourselves in providing solutions that are not only quality, but also cost-effective.